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The Importance of Micro Batch Roasting

We have a dedicated commitment to our on-site micro batch roasting as it allows us to pay greater attention to detail, and achieve the absolute best flavor from the coffee.  Micro batch roasting is far better in that it is more personal. Knowing exactly where the coffee comes from, writes the story of the source, the roaster and the barista. From grower, to roaster, then barista to cup, love goes into everything we do. Every batch of coffee is nothing below what each of us here would want to drink ourselves. The process of roasting each individual batch is time consuming and requires more effort, but the difference in quality is apparent and the subtleties of each coffee are noticeable with every sip. Five kilos at a time, a Probat roaster is the heart and soul of 10 Speed Coffee.
Our on-site Probat roaster achieves a gentle, consistent roasting through precise controls and temperatures, which allows the best flavor and aroma from every bean – regardless of origin and roasting profile.